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You'll know tonight

A young woman was taking an afternoon nap. After she woke up, she told her husband, "I just dreamed that you gave me a pearl necklace for Valentine's day. What do you think it means?"
"You'll know tonight." he said.
That evening, the man came home with a small package and gave it to his wife. Delighted, she opened it-only to find a book entitled: "The meaning of dreams".
A pair of gloves

A young man wanted to purchase a gift for his new sweetie for Valentine's Day. As they had not been dating very long, it was very difficult decision. After careful consideration he decided a good gift would be a pair of gloves. Accompanied by his sister, he went to the store and bought the gloves. His sister purchased a pair of panties at the same time.
The clerk carefully wrapped both items but in the process got them mixed up. The sister was handed the gloves and the young man got the panties. The young man mailed his Valentine's Day gift with the following note:
"This special Valentines Day gift was chosen because I noticed you are in the habit of not wearing any when we go out in the evenings. If it had not been for my sister, I would have chosen the ones with buttons, but she prefers short ones that are much easier to remove.
"These are a lovely shade, the lady I bought them from showed me the pair she had been wearing for the past three weeks and they were hardly soiled. I had her try yours on for me and they looked quite lovely.
I wish I was there to put them on you for the first time; no doubt, other hands will come into contact with them before I have a chance to see you again.
When you take them off, remember to blow on them lightly before putting them away as they will naturally be a little damp from wearing.
Just think how many times I'll be kissing them in the future. I hope you'll wear them Friday night for me.

Love, Cuddle Bear

p.s. The sales lady says the latest style is to wear them folded down with just a little fur showing.
Special things for my wife

I just love to do special things for my wife on Valentine's day. Like open the door for her when she puts all the laundry in the washing machine, or plug and unplug the vacuum as she moves from room to room cleaning.
Guys, it's these little thoughtful things you can do to have a marriage such as mine.
I love you

Honey, on this Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you something... I'm not rich like Jack, I don't have a mansion like Russell, or I don't have a Porsche like Martin, but I do love you and want to marry you.
Oh, dear... I love you too... but, what was that you said about Martin?
"Love" stamps

A guy walks into a post office one day to see a middle-aged, balding man standing at the counter methodically placing "Love" stamps on bright pink envelopes with hearts all over them. He then takes out a perfume bottle and starts spraying scent all over them. His curiosity getting the better of him, he goes up to the balding man and asks him what he is doing.
The man says: "I'm sending out one thousand Valentine cards signed: 'Guess who?'"
"But why?" asks the man.
"I'm a divorce lawyer." the man replies.
To remember St. Valentine’s Day

The most effective way to remember to buy something to your wife for St. Valentine’s Day is... to forget it once!
Sales Ad at a Store:

...valentine cards, now on sale: 4 for $5.
A Food Valentine

Cabbage always has a heart, green beans string along.
You're such a Tomato, will you Peas to me belong?

You've been the Apple of my eye, you know how much I care;
So Lettuce get together, we'd make a perfect Pear.

Now, something's sure to Turnip, to prove you can't be Beet;
So, if you Carrot all for me, let's let our tulips meet.

Don't Squash my hopes and dreams now, bee my Honey, dear;
Or tears will fill Potato's eyes, while Sweet Corn lends an ear.

I'll Cauliflower shop and say, our dreams are Parsley mine.
I'll work and share my Celery, so be my VALENTINE.
The Rejected Valentine

At the office, where I worked, there was an angel there.
Her hair was long and flowing, and her skin was soft and fair.
I wanted so, to ask her out, but I was way too shy.
I thought she was too beautiful, for me to even try.

A few times I approached her, she just smiled and walked away.
I could not get the courage up, and "Hi" was all I'd say.
Then, I had an idea, I would get her home address,
And send a VALENTINE to her, and with it I'd express.

I poured my heart out in the card, and ask her to be mine,
And then I dropped it in the mail, my special VALENTINE.
In just a few short days, I had a response in my mail,
A card with her return address, I started feeling pale.

I opened up my eyes to see, a card shaped like a heart,
And in the center, someone drew, a bloody piercing dart.
I opened up the card to see, if writing was inside,
And when I started reading it, I damn near almost died.

I'd love to be your VALENTINE, but I think I will pass,
My husband says he'll be at work, to kick your stupid ass.
I'm glad you like my body, and you think it's really fine,
My husband says this card is going, where the sun don't shine.

In your card, you said there's things to me you'd love to do,
I think my husband's going to do, all of those things to you.
So, have a Happy VALENTINES, I'll see you Monday morn,
My husband says on Tuesday, you'll wish you were never born.

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